Steel Lockers

Steel lockers are generally the most common type of lockers and this category encompasses lockers of all shapes, sizes, uses and applications.

Quarto LockersQuarto Lockers

  • These small quarto steel lockers offer great individual security in the workplace and can be stacked or used to fill spaces above regular locker units
  • Unit frame is light grey, doors are available in a variety of colours including; blue, red, yellow, dark grey, burgundy or green (colour should be specified when ordering)
  • Quarto locker units are treated with Biocote to protect against the growth of dangerous bacteria such as E.Coli and MRSA and also reduces any risk of cross contamination

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Cube LockersCube Lockers

  • These small cube lockers are ideal for use in areas where space is limited.
  • Can be nested in a manner of different positions
  • Unit is supplied in light grey and you can choose from a range of door colours including; blue, red, green, burgundy, yellow and dark grey
  • These lockers are also treated with Biocote to protect against the growth of any dangerous bacteria

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Express LockersExpress Lockers

  • This range of standard steel lockers is available on a 5 working day delivery basis
  • Sturdy lockers that are built to last
  • Single tier units have a hat shelf and also a double coat hook fitted
  • Biocote treatment protects against bacteria
  • Door hinges are semi concealed and each compartment also features door stiffeners, air vents, recessed cam locks and also card holders
  • Locker units are pre-drilled ready for nesting
  • Units are welded and riveted
  • High quality chip resistant finish from epoxy powder which has been electro-statically applied
  • Light grey locker frame with red or blue doors available
  • Standard deadlock is fitted with two keys

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Standard Lockers – SolidSteel Lockers Solid

  • Solid Lockers have enhanced security features to ensure that all of your valuables are secure
  • These lockers are also very sturdy, perfect for use in schools, factories, sports centres or anywhere else where ordinary lockers may suffer wear and tear
  • Single compartment lockers have a double coat hook as well as having a hat shelf
  • Hinges are semi concealed giving security benefits as well as a clean line
  • Door stiffeners offer enhanced security and strength
  • Vents at the top and bottom of the locker to improve ventilation
  • Cam lock recessed for security, also features a card holder
  • Plinth base for rigidity purposes
  • Lockers are pre-drilled and are ready to nest
  • Finished with cold rolled mild steel
  • High quality chip-resistant finish
  • Variety of door colours are available
  • Biocote protected
  • For multiple locker purchases discounts are available

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Standard Lockers-PerforatedSteel Lockers-Perforated

  • Perforated standard lockers are ideal for use in gyms, school changing rooms, kit rooms, hospitals, factories and many more places that require the facility to store clothes and kit
  • Doors are perforated for extra ventilation without compromising security, vents also in the top and bottom of the locker unit
  • This steel locker unit also features security features such as semi-concealed hinges, door stiffeners, recessed cam lock and more
  • Fitted with a standard deadlock that comes complete with two keys
  • A variety of door colours are available
  • Biocote protection inhibits the growth or potentially lethal bacteria
  • Chip resistant finish

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Personal Item LockersSteel Personal Item Lockers

  • These personal item lockers are perfect for businesses that want to offer storage to staff/customers on a wide scale basis
  • These steel units can be hung from a wall, bolted on top of each other or placed side by side
  • Standard deadlock supplied and you can choose to have either solid or perforated doors
  • Available with or without a sloped top
  • Available in a variety of colours, call for more details
  • Biocote protected

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Heavy Duty Steel LockersHeavy Duty Steel Lockers

  • Heavy duty steel lockers are among the toughest lockers available and are capable of taking knock after knock in bustling changing/staff rooms
  • Doors feature a double skin build to defend against leverage/impact
  • ASSA deadlocks provide long lasting security
  • Biocote protected
  • Available in a range of colours (picked when placing your order)

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In addition to all of these units we have many more steel locker units available on our main site, please visit Amvar Industrial Supplies today for more information and to browse our range.

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